AME Chopper rolling chassis

After fighting our way in two decades through the paragraph jungle of the German admission regulations and much expenditure of money and time, we were able to realize our aim of the "Chopper- Made in Germany". We now offer our customers the chance to fulfil their dream of the individually designed Chopper from internal labour.

The new Chopper can also be build on the basis of customer owned components (engine, transmission, break units, electrics and wheels). You can choose from the assortment of 5 frame types for approximately 30 engines.

The scope of delivery of the rolling chassis kits includes the following components:

- Frame (primed) with motor brackets

- Triple tree kit, narrow or wide,
  chromed with taper roller bearings

- Forward controls, chromed

- adjustable special shock absorbers

- Triangular swingarm or chromed
  square-type swingarm

- Sissy bar

Using a Rolling chassis kit component list, it is possible to create a personalized AME-Chopper following a tailor-made plan. You can download the data sheet and the list of components as a PDF file.

- AME ST 800 / 802 'SOFT-TAIL - Old-school-chopper -
  for 2-, 4- und 6-cylinder engines

- AME HT 900 / 1000 'HARD-TAIL'
  only for H.-D. engines

Attention: For reasons of liability, the completed chopper may be put into operation in Schauenburg only. Inspections take place on a weekly basis on our premises. Previous registration is necessary. The state of the motorbike must correspond to the requirements of StVZO. For the costs of commissioning please see the price list (TÜV 770). The price includes the time required by the inspector, the inspection costs, as well as the presentation by AME. Possible necessary extra items will be calculated separately.

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