Fat tyres

The rear view of a chopper is a fat "husk."

The wide tyre in balloon type is the original mark of a Chopper. Originally, they were conceived as a alternative to the suspension due to the rigid frame. By this the bikes were driven with little air in the tyres, but doing this safely was possible only at very low speeds.

Thus AME created the first fat tyre for motorcycles, the 6.10 - 16" in co-operation with CONTINENTAL and later the 200/70 - 15" produced by METZELER. Today, this tyre is still the standard chopper tyre for many production model frames. After the demand had first been stimulated, industry followed up with motorcycle tyres up to 300mm in width.

With the width, the tyres also became ever-flatter
- a development supported by the street fighter scene, but rejected by the original chopper riders, due to its "thin" appearance.

The front tyre, initially narrow and with a large diameter, over the years have acquired an anti-pole: tyres with similar diameters as rear, but narrower, yet with considerably widths as earlier.

The AME team always places normal handling as its most important tenet. Despite an exceptional appearance, it is essential to ensure safe driving in all conditions. Therefore you will not always find the most extreme variations in the AME range, but tyres / chassis combinations which are always passed as safe and driveable by the TÜV-inspections.

AME-fat-tyre-conversion-kits are offered for the brands AWO, BMW, Harley-Davidson, Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki und Yamaha. There are also many conversion offers for oldies.

The conversion kits are delivered complete with chrome rims, stainless steel spokes, and with the necessary mounting material.

With the fitting of fat 15"/16" front tyres, the interior gap of the two fork legs must be a minimum of 175 mm. With fork types with a narrow fork gap, assembly can be carried out using only wide fork legs! With conversion to wider rear wheel, it could become necessary to include modifications to the fenders, shock absorbers, rear light and indicator brackets or the seats.

A component certificate according to §19 StVZO regulations in connection with unit XIX StVZO will be delivered for the conversion options offered.

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