Exhaust systems

The exhaust system of a chopper sets the tone! The ideal striven for - the unmuffled, graceful, rumbling unit with the sound of a high volume long-stroke engine - has given way to a variety of other engine concepts and moreover, been suppressed into illegality by the legislator. With a lusty sound and selected chopper shape, AME attempts to utilize the limits of what is legal on European streets.

The silencers up to the year of construction May 1994 are delivered with a technical report or TÜV measurement certification. For those constructed after May 1994, our silencer units come with an EU operation accreditation which obviates the need for a TÜV inspection.

When ordering, it is necessary to differentiate between:

= single, attachable rear silencer

Silencer unit
= silencer with a distributor, without headers

Exhaust unit
= complete unit with headers and distributor element

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