AME forward controls

Modifications to the motorcycle geometry have a direct affect to the sitting position of the driver. Conversion work on the rear end, modifications to the frame, the fitting of shorter spring struts on the rear wheel, as well as modifications to the steering system alter the centre of gravity of the motorcycle. In order to give the driver a comfortable sitting position, it is necessary to move the footpegs forward.

AME forward controls produce the relaxed sitting position with outstretched legs. characteristic to chopper driving. Made from steel and with a high gloss chrome finish, they are distinguished by their no-frills chopper design.

The AME-forward controls can be ordered in four different footpeg designs and we would like to point out the following technical details:

- The break and gear levers can be lubricated

- The break rods are equipped with maintenance-free links

- All necessary assembly parts are included

- The assembly time averages 1-2 hours
  using standard tools.

- The components used can subsequently
  be obtained as replacement parts.

- All AME forward controls are delivered with
  a TÜV technical component certificate

The range of AME forward controls for the different production models is regularly expanded. Contact us to find out if AME- forward controls are offered for your motorcycle!

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