AME - Special forks

The Absolute Highlights from the technical point of view are the Girder and Springer forks developed by AME.

Developed on the basis of new EU guidelines, suspension and dampening is tuneable according to the requirements of the driver and passenger. In view of the level of technical development and an officially inspected fatigue strength of over 100 000 km, the forks "made in Germany" can be termed as the technically most perfected chopper forks.

As a product of intensive research and development work, in comparison to the usual chopper style, these unusual fork types offer a unrivalled driving comfort. The commentary to the certificate from the Frauenhofer Gesellschaft (Labor für Betriebsfestigkeit, Darmstadt) reaches the following conclusion:

"…The forks captivate with a very good response to unevenness in the road surface. In comparisons to extended telescope forks they constitute an improvement through increased rigidity in the operating direction. Good controllability by full braking through considerably reduced natural oscillation as well as a lower stress level whilst driving straight / taking curves in the steering head area of the frame are combined with a better responsiveness on uneven road surfaces. A low-abrasive operation can be expected through directing the forks through a double ball bearing…."

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