AME - Chopper-Kits

The most important component, characteristic to the chopper is its "long fork." A particularly interesting solution, giving value for money is offered by the AME-Chopper-Kits. The TÜV-inspected and by now world-wide marketed component sequences constitute a quick and high-quality solution for converting production model motorcycles into "genuine" choppers with long forks.

AME-Chopper-Kits captivate with their well-engineered technology. Despite the raked fork tubes, the one-off, novel construction of the triple tree kit retain the trail almost without alteration, and whilst the centre of gravity of the vehicle is lowered, ensuring secure handling.

The AME-Chopper-Kits enable the conversion of a production model motorcycle into a "custom chopper" in only one day, without any necessity for sawing, grinding or welding, or that any other alteration are carried out on the chassis. AME provides the following chopper kits for this purpose:

AME - Chopper-Kit A:
long-narrow-low, 4° rake
AME - Gabel-Kit B :
long-wide-4° or 18° rake

Our range of front-end kits is rounded off with the AME 5° Wide-Glide-Kits. These triple tree kits with a rake of up to 5° use the well known technique with taper roller bearings delivered with a total width of 310mm or 360mm. In combination with these triple trees the original fork tubes can be used further. Additionally usable 6 cm long, not externally visible fork extensions compensate the rate of lowering of the chopper in the fork area.

And, for these who like it really wide, the AME-MONSTER triple tree kits with a width of 400mm are just the right thing. These triple tree kits are manufactured out of aluminium for reasons of weight and can be delivered with 0° or 5° rake. Front tyres up to a width of 200mm can be used.

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