All chopper accessories for motorcycles constructed in 1994 and afterwards, which have an influence on driving performance are delivered with a TÜV component certificate which facilitates an unproblematic entry in every TÜV-, Dekra GTÜ and other TÜV approved test centres.

For rare motorcycle types, a technical report for the component concerned is delivered, so that an inspection in accordance with §21 in connection with §19/3 leads to certification.

TÜV certifications take place on our premises on a weekly basis, which range from the yearly main general inspection with ASU inspection to certification in accordance with §19/3 to full certification following §21 (placing new vehicles into service). All necessary data, including dyno tests and drive-loss measurement can be ascertained on-site.

Whilst customers drink a cup of coffee in the showroom, their vehicle is demonstrated by us, the manufacturer of the AME modification parts, to the motorcycle inspector of TÜV.

We, AME guarantee the acceptance by the state control organs of all conversion parts which we sell, as well as for their entry in the vehicle papers. Thus the biker can drive his bike home after the procedure, with the certificate in his pocket, without any problems.

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