The development of new components and chopper concepts occurs through both customer orders and the extension of our own range.

The development and construction phase is concerned primarily with meeting existing regulations, guidelines and requirements. The most important aim is that all the products intended for sale receive the corresponding operating licence. Only in this way is it possible that a chopper consisting of a variety of single components passes the requirements of the TÜV.

In the case of security-relevant vehicle components, it is further required that in addition to successful inspection of constructions and material, they provide proof of a life-expectancy of over 100.000 kilometres (on roads meeting European standards). The corresponding tests are carried out by the internationally recognized Fraunhofer Institut.

The TÜV Hessen, responsible for the approval of AME components confirms the constantly high quality of AME products:

"…the company AME has passed a large number of motorcycle and vehicle component inspections by TÜV Hessen and has proven itself to be competent, reliable and trustworthy…"

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