AME Chopper Kits
with raked triple trees

Chopper riding has not lost any of its fascination even after 20 years.

Since then, the large motorcycle manufacturers have reacted to the growing demand with "soft choppers." Yet many bikers snigger at the attempt to copy the American examples in such a cloddish way. They want to drive a "genuine" chopper !

As an answer, AME introduced a Chopper Kit in 1992, which makes it possible to equip motorcycles with long, raked forks without needing to undertake any work on the frame.

As an inexpensive alternative to complete conversions, AME chopper kits offer a high-quality solution to transform production model motorcycles into "genuine" choppers with long front ends.

AME Chopper Kits captivate with a refined and patented technology. Despite the raked fork tubes, the one-off, novel construction of the AME triple trees retains the trail almost without alteration, whilst at the same time, the centre of gravity of the motorcycle is lowered, ensuring secure handling.

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