Producing the motorcycle brand AME

Just four years after the company had been founded; AME was already well-known beyond the borders of Hessen and operated branches in Hamburg, Berlin, Düsseldorf, Munich and Zurich.

During the establishment of the branches, AME worked on the realization of the first AME rolling chassis.

In close co-operation with the "Frauenhofer Gesellschaft für Betriebsfestigkeit" the previously impossible became possible.

After the framework for the "Inspection of a motorbike frame in drive operation," were formulated (there was no previous research in this area world-wide) the chopper frame developed by AME was the first to be inspected following these newly defined criteria and it fulfilled the requirements of the new specifications.

This was followed by the corresponding elaborate and demanding tests on the race track "Nürburg-Ring". Following the tests, carried out by TÜV Hessen, the AME rolling chassis/ AME bike received non-restrictive approval for use on European roads.

Equipped with long forks and the Honda 750 Four engine, the first German chopper left the AME production hall in 1977.

What began in 1973 with the production of extended fork tubes, culminated four years later in the realisation of the new motorcycle brand "AME". For the team around Walter F. Cuntze, the dream of a chopper "Made in Germany" had come true.

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